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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

We all want an elastic body and beautiful face, but ever wonder how these celebrities have such perfect looks and more than that what happens to personhaving scars on the hilly areas or burns; well thanks to our one branch of medical sciences known as Plastic Surgery. It is the post graduate five years surgical specialization which includes three years residency in general surgery. As there are various procedures and techniques in this field of medical sciences it is further divided into different more disciplines listed in the table below

S. No. Sub-disciplines Description Technique / Procedure
1 Aesthetic Surgery This surgery deals in the reconstruction or remodeling of facial and body parts by adopting different procedures Cosmetic Surgery
2 Burn Surgery This surgery is slightly different from the above as it is in two steps; the first step is initial or immediate surgical treatment, and the latter is the reconstructive one Reconstructive Surgery
3 Craniofacial surgery This type of plastic surgery is further subdivided into two categories  
3a Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery This surgery usually involves treatment of infants and neonates about congenital or by birth disorders like cleft lip and cleft palate etc. Reconstructive Surgery
3b Adult Craniofacial Surgery In adults usually craniofacial surgery  involves complex fractures, reconstruction, and orthognathic surgeries such as maxillo-facial surgeries and orbital reconstruction Reconstructive Surgery
4 Microsurgery A surgery which concerns with the construction of damaged tissues and connection of blood vessels. This type of surgery is mainly done in severe burn patients Autografts, Allografts, Xenografts
5 Pediatric Plastic Surgery Along with craniofacial surgeries and congenital anomalies, it also concerns with complex fractures in infants Reconstructive Surgery

You would be curious about the techniques and procedures mentioned above, here is a small brief about them:

Cosmetic Surgery           

It defines the various classification of operations related to body parts and aesthetics:

S. No. Type Description
1 Abdominoplasty Removal of fats and dead skin tissue to make your abdomen thin
2 Mammoplasty Remodeling or re-modification of the breast
3 Mastopexy Uplifting of breast for aesthetic purposes
4 Labiaplasty Surgery related to the outer and inner layer of the skin
5 Lip Enhancement As the name indicates this surgery is done for enhancement of lips
6 Rhinoplasty Restoration, Remodeling, and reconstruction of nose
7 Otoplasty Surgical treatment for correction of ear and ear structure
8 Blepharoplasty Surgery to correct appearance of the eyes
9 Buttock Augmentation Enhancement of your gluteal / buttocks regions for aesthetics
10 Rhytidectomy Facial skin uplifting which also involves neck and forehead lift
11 Liposuction Removing fat debris from major areas through ultrasonic suction

Reconstructive Surgery

These surgeries are for the following types of patients:

  1. Cleft lip and cleft palate
  2. Burnt skin
  3. Cancer or Tumors
  4. Scars
  5. Congenital defects
  6. Compound fractures
  7. Severe infections

The primary purpose of treating all scenarios as mentioned earlier are lifesaving instead of only appearance or looks.


Whenever there is a need for skin grafting and no donor either self or other is available then artificial skin grafting is the right procedure which is most often made of silicon.


Grafting of skin by taking a patch from the healthy side for the affected one. Mostly skin patch of thighs are best for skin grafting


Skin patches collected from any other body or donor is xenografting.

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