Pediatric Dentist or Pediatric Information

Pediatric Dentist

“I save smiles! What’s your superpower?”

Pediatric Dentist or a pedodontist is a dentist who specializes in the oral health of children.They can give the required preventive measures and treatment to the children from the day they are born through their adolescent years. The children with special needs having oral health issues are also treated by a Pediatric dentist.

Let us understand by the following FAQ’s

S.No. FAQ’s Description
1 What makes a Pediatric dentist a better option for your child than a general dentist?


Although a general dentist can also treat a child, a pedodontist is well aware of the quick developments your baby is going through and is capable of meeting the desired requirements.

A Pediatric is trained in having an entirely different approach towards the patient.


2 What to expect in a Pediatric dentist’s clinic? 1. Cheerful  Ambiance

The first thing that you notice at a Pediatric dentist’s clinic is the ambiance. The clinic is always colorful with cartoon characters painted on the walls. Mostly the dental chairs are also shaped in the form of animals or cartoon characters. A light, happy music is often playing in the background.

2. Friendly staff

You will always find a friendly staff at a Pedodontist’s clinic that the child always looks up to meeting with. People who do not enjoy working with the kids cannot be successful in this field.

3. Rapport Building

A Pediatric always builds a strong rapport with the child before beginning treatment. In a friendly and relaxing way, an introduction to dental treatment is given.

4. Treatment

A Pedodontist never does vigorous treatment on a child. Small quick appointments are always encouraged so that the child doesn’t get tired.Particular emphasis is given to pain-free treatment.

Children with special needs are also given treatment over here.

5. Gifts

There is always a small size toothbrush and toothpaste for the children at a Pedodontist’s clinic that is given as gifts.This excites the kids, and they focus on brushing the teeth. Some Pediatric dentists often keep small toys also as gifts.


3 How to become a Pedodontist?


After a study of four years and graduating as a dentist, a further study of 2 years is required to become a Pedodontist.


4 How a Pediatric Dentist helps your child in having a bright future?


1. Raising Awareness

A strong emphasis is always given to in raising awareness regarding oral health and prevention of oral disease. Children are taught how to take care of their teeth by brushing them along with flossing and avoiding sweet and sticky food.

2. Early indication

A Pediatric can recognize the first sign of dental problems and prevent the situation to get worse in future e.g.  recognition of orthodontic problems or early evidence of caries.

3. Prophylaxis

Prophylactic treatments like fluoride treatment and cleaning help in preventing dental and gum diseases.

4. Treatment

A  dentist gives treatment to the children for all their dental and oral problems.


So, a Pediatric dentist, in other words, is your child’s best friend, taking care of his oral needs by overcoming his fears and apprehensions of dental treatments and thus promising them a bright future. As they say, dentists are, Making the world a better place, One smile at a time.”