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Gastric Bypass Surgery Details


Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass, along with all the other major issues related directly to the human being one of the biggest is obesity. Nowadays obesity is said to be the cause of all diseases i.e. from hypertension to chronic heart diseases. Humanity has been working on their weight loss for a very long time for which they were and are practicing different methods either through:

  • Supplements
  • Medications
  • Surgeries
  • Workout and many another form of physical exercises
  • Herbal products

Most of the methods as mentioned earlier require the longer time to reach the given level. However surgical treatments (Bariatric Surgery) are giving the faster, fruitful and satisfactory results in this cases. Out of all Gastric Bypass Surgery has been found with the maximum favorable rate. It is a surgical procedure, mostly performed by a surgeon who has a specialty in GIT (Gastrointestinal Tract), in which the stomach is divided into two upper and lower parts. The top or pouch is smaller in size than the lower one, and then the small intestine is connected to both parts by various methods.By doing such the food and nutrients will be less absorbed which will result to reduce obesity even after maximum consumption of food. There is the different type of surgeries performed by the competent surgeons for weight loss, but their effectiveness and ratio of decrease in weight vary from one to another. Below is a graphical presentation showing healthy weight loss from three common weight loss surgeries:

Gastric Bypass

As discussed above there is many gastric bypasses, techniques depending on the need, these variations of operations along with their description are as follows:

S. No. Type of Gastric Bypass Description
1 Proximal Roux-en-Y It is the most commonly used technique for gastric bypass. In this surgery, the small intestine is reconnected in a Y shape arrangement
2 Distal Roux-en-Y This surgical technique is all the same only the formation of Y connection is at the lower area of small intestine which reduces the absorption food which mainly contains fats, starches, different minerals and vitamins
3 MGB (Mini Gastric Bypass) In this procedure a long tube of the stomach is created along the lesser curvature of the stomach. Then a loop of small intestine is brought up and linked to the machine. This procedure is getting more popularity as it is simple to perform, has fewer risks and weight loss is sustained by this process.


4 Endoscopic duodenal-jejunal bypass In this technique a duodenal-jejunal bypass liner is placed between the beginning of small intestine with stomach (duodenum) and the second stage of small intestine (mid-jejunum)



Colonoscopy Prep Tips and Methods


Colonoscopy Prep

Our body has a large coiled tube called the large intestine or rectum where the solid food of our body stores and become faces. The cancers, ulcer or bleeding caused by the food or body disturbances and can get a treatment of colonoscopy to examine the problem. Colonoscopy prep is a test to get the indication of having cancer in the rectum. The doctor will use a rubber made the narrow flimsy opening into the rectum to examine the condition of the infection of the patient. It is a test to see the premature cancer germs in the large intestine and can do some medication for the disease to treat the patient to get further complications. Some peoples suffer from the ulcer and bleeding in the large intestine and it can be very dangerous for anybody it goes extreme it can take the patient at a very last stage of the sickness. You can also get the specimen of the tendons of the ingrown cancer diseases and even the well grows bacteria. With the help of colonoscopy, we can also detect the growth of the sea anemones in the rectum.

What equipment is use in the colonoscopy prep?

To examine the large intestine problem with the colonoscopy procedure, an endoscope is a used to detect the illness and infection of the intestine. The endoscope is a ductile tube that is almost 47 to 73 inches long. There is a small camera fitted inside it so can the doctor easily get the pictures of the large intestine. With this equipment, you can see a complete video to get through the problem.  The full tube can go through the end of the lower small intestine and can give the images of the polyps present inside the ovary or in the small intestine.

What preparations should take before the colonoscopy?

Before getting a colonoscopy test, you should prepare yourself. Yet it is a painful treatment and some peoples are afraid of going through this procedure, they do not know about the preparations before going to the doctor to get the test for the colon. Your examiner may tell you about the precautions you should do before the colonoscopy test. The colonoscopy test may take in the clinic of the doctor or in any hospital. Here are the complete preparation terms you should follow before going to the colonoscopy test.

Get some items before the colonoscopy:

Ø  Clean wet wipes or tissues.

Ø  Get some energy drinks and juices.

Ø  Get some clothing ointment?

Ø  Eat less bulk nourishments before you go for the colonoscopy.

Eatables you should recommend some days before going for the colonoscopy:

Ø  Prefer eats fleshy fruits neatly cleaned.

Ø  Eat white wheat or bread or just eat rice.

Ø  Eat plants seafood as fish or meat or chicken.

Ø  Before going for the test of colonoscopy, you should be filling up your stomach with the light food that can be full of liquid and soft food that can easily be digesting. In addition, drink more water and energy drinks juices without pulp and liquids preferably.
Food that does not eat before the colonoscopy:

Ø  Do not eat solid food or any food that include any hard eatable.

Ø  Avoid eating nuts beans and uncooked vegetables.

Ø  Do not eat corn or popcorns.

Ø  Do not eat fats like any spicy or oily food.

Ø  Do not drink soda drinks.

Ø  Do not drink tea or coffee.

Ø  Do not drink milk.

Ø  Do not drink pulpy juices.

Ø  Do not take any vitamins or any boosting liquids or powder.

Possible signs after the colonoscopy prep:

Ø  After getting the test drink some water and get some bed rest for two to three days after the treatment.
Ø  Stay at the hospital for one or two days after the treatment of colon.
Ø  You may feel pain and cramping in the abdomen due to the tube inserted in the large intestine.
Ø  You may get bleeding from the rectum after the day of colonoscopy.
Ø  You may get bloating or irritation in the large intestine.
Ø  You may get pyrexia after the colonoscopy or may feel pain in the body.
Ø  You may feel dizziness just before the colonoscopy because of the injection is given by the doctor.
Ø  Get some painkillers to reduce the pain and if the pain continue to consult your doctor

Indications you may have colon infection

Here are some signs that you might suffer from the colon infection or colon cancer
Ø  The first sign is the abdominal pain and cramping in the abdomen
Ø  You may survive with runny diarrhea in 5-6 times a day
Ø  You may get fever during the infection
Ø  you will feel weakness and low blood pressure of the body
Ø  you will not be able to get a proper diet
Ø  you may get blood and severe pain in the rectum
Ø  you may feel from your regular weight
Ø  you might get swelling in the intestine and abdomen



Bulging Disc Common Spine Injury


Bulging Disc

Bulging Disc also knows as the rupture intervertebral disc it a disorder in the drive present in the spinal cord. We have bones in our spine also knows as the backbone, our spine is covered with small discs and the muscles present on the sides of the spine. The discs make the needle move it gives it a moveable term and a limber bone that bend down quickly. However, when you go through some disorder in the spinal disc, you may get into something very un bearable and led you to the surgery of the rupture disc. Some times, with the passage of time when you grow older your bones become weak and your bones becomes dry and they do not have enough capacity to give a malleable effect to the bones and your bones become rupture and poor. Then you may get some severe problems like the bulging. Healthy bodies have healthy bones and you can quickly move your body and bones with you requirement of the bones. The discs help you to maintain your body balance and due to its flexibility, you can move and walk or stand. However, unfortunately if you get you disc broken and slipped due to any reason you are able to walk properly you may sometimes feel the most unbearable pain. The spinal cord id attached with the hipbone and it is connect with the leg and with the whole body but if get break you will suffer from herniated disc. The bulging disc can happen in any part of the spinal bone. It may get mostly in the lower part of the back bone some of the people have suffer from the top near the neck of the bone, very less and rare cases of the upper back part of the spinal cord came into sight.

How many types of the bulging disc are?

The three most important bulging cases cam e to sight

Lower spinal defect (lumbar disc fissure)

Upper veritable column neck (cervical disc crack)

Top backward part of the spinal cord (thoracic disc break)

Symptoms of the backbone problems

§  If you feel pain in the lower spinal cord and disc dislocation you may get the following symptoms §  If you may get affect with the neck spinal pain you may have the following symptoms §  The very rare and uncommon pain near the spinal disturbances if you may get the following symptoms you are affected by the problem
§  You may feel unbearable pain in the back of your body. §  You may feel severe pain in the neck or on the near the shoulders. §  38% of peoples around the world may face the back pain on the upper side of the spinal cord the pain is controllable and un bearable.
§  You may get a stretchy leg and suffering in your leg while walking §  You may feel the deadness of the skin around your neck area §  Your sensory neurons may get affected during suffer from this pain.
§  You may feel numbness in the nerves of the leg and near the hip bone §  You may feel pain in  the arms and fingers as well as in the shoulders §  The pain goes to the chest and abdomen and you might get the breakage of the bone or disc
§  Many of the peoples cannot experience extreme pain more than six to seven weeks you get a soon recovery after the medication. §  The nerves located near the neck becomes swell and affect the roots of the neck attached with the spinal cord. §  The pain may get inflame if you have sore throat and if you sneeze. This pain affects the whole system including digestion, metabolism and others.


Causes of bulging disc

The very common problem most of the people face regarding the spinal disc rupture is at the age of 30 years to 50 years or above. When the bones of the body get dry and are not able to handle the any disability accruing during extra weight lifting work or extra running routine you may get the illness of the spinal cord problem and you get affect with the herniated disc

Treatment for the bulging disc

The treatment depends on the condition of the sickness or sustains of the patient. Not every patient needs operation or a surgery. Some easy and early found cases can set up just by the proper medication and the physiotherapy sessions. If you have very starting symptoms of the spinal dislocation or fracture/ rupture then it may get settled with just the physiotherapist specialist and the proper exercise may get you out of this killing pain. On the other hand if you have a serious condition of the spinal bone disc discomfort then concern your doctor and get a surgery to fix out the problem and get a peaceful life for future.


Color Blind Test & Precautions


Color Blind Test

Color blindness is a condition mostly affecting the males in which a person is unable to distinguish between different colours. It is also termed as “colour vision deficiency.Due to colour blindness, a person is unable to perform routine activities like shopping for clothes, reading traffic lights etc. Colour blindness may range from mild to severe where in the latter there is also visual impairment. Colour blindness is mostly inherited having the gene on the X-chromosome. Due to this reason colour blindness is mostly present in males because males form when XY chromosome pair. If the X- chromosome carrying the gene causing colour blindness is present in a man, it will express itself. Whereas, in females, there is an XX- chromosome and if an X- chromosome carries the affecting gene it is balanced by the other X- chromosome. However, if both X-chromosomes carry the gene then a female will also be colour blind. Color Blind Test, colour blindness can also be acquired due to numerous reasons like an injury to the brain or eye; due to chronic diseases like macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, liver disease, sickle cell anemia, glaucoma etc.; medications like antibiotics or anti-tuberculosis drugs; chemicals like carbon monoxide or lead-containing chemicals and age above 60.

How to detect color blindness?

It is important to recognize color blindness as early as possible so that the person can be given treatment. There are numerous tests to detect color blindness which is discussed below,

Types of Color Blind Test

1-            Ishihara Colour Test

2-            Farnsworth Lantern Test

3-            Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test

4-            HRR Colour Test

5-            RGB Anomaloscope




•             The Ishihara Colour Test is for red and green color deficiencies

•             Dr. ShinobuIshishara who was a professor at the University of Tokyo designed this test.

•             The Ishihara test consists of 38 plates.

•             The plates used in the analysis are specially designed having spots of different colors and size splattered over the plate.

•             Some of these spots form a letter, number or shape on the plate and are visible only to those having a normal vision whereas; color blinds cannot distinguish the pattern.

•             The different plates use to form different tests. The plates are named accordingly,

o             Demonstration Plate

o             Transformation plates

o             Vanishing plates

o             Hidden digit plates

o             Diagnostic plates


It is also written as FALANT.

•             This test was developed by Dr. Dean Farnsworth who was a commander in US Navy.

•             Originally this test was designed for the sailors.

•             In this test, the pair of vertical lights having the color of different combinations like red-green,                 yellow-white are shown, and the patient is asked to distinguish between the bright colors.

•             Nine color combinations are shown to the patient to detect.

•             People which color blindness may find it difficult to differentiate between the colors.

•             Prolonged exposure and different brightness levels affect the response.


It is also as Munsell vision test.

•             This test was developed by Dean Farnsworth in 1940.

•             In consists of two types of analysis, 100 hue test, and D-15 test.

•             In these test the patient is asked to arrange the colors having little differences and having constant chroma, value covering all visual hues.

•             Patient with normal vision and with color blindness will arrange the colors differently.

•             This test not only helps in distinguishing the type of colour blindness but also the severity of                 It.


4-            HRR COLOUR TEST
•             This test was developed by Hardy, Rand, and Rittler.

•             It is a red-green color test.

•             It also has plates like Ishihara test, but unlike Ishihara test, it can also detect the Triton defects.


5-            RGB ANOMALOSCOPE
•             It is a simple red-green color blindness test in which boxes of two colors are shown.

•             A slider is present below the boxes. By sliding it, the colors are tried to mix.

•             If you see that the colors can mix with each other, it means you are color blind.

Treatment of Colour Blindness:

The first step is to check or evaluate your eyesite by color blind test. Once successfully detected it is essential to relief the person from discomfort caused by color blindness. However, there is no proper treatment for it, but it is possible to manage color blindness by the below-mentioned methods,

1-            Use of specially designed contact lenses.

2-            Use of specially designed sunglasses.

3-            Mobile applications provided in IPhone and IPad.

4-            GENOME helps to shift the colors on the desktop to pleasant ones.



4D Ultrasound Details


4D Ultrasound

4-dimensional ultrasound produces a moving image of a baby’s body.It is called four-dimensional because it produces a result in 4 dimensions(x, y, z, and t).In a 3D ultrasound, a three-dimensional image of the baby is created, but in 4Dultrasound a 3D moving image of the body is produced.So, in short, you can see what your child is doing inside the womb at that moment. You can see the baby smiling, yawning, kicking, etc.Everyone would want to have a 4D ultrasound for their child but unfortunately, it might not be possible for everyone because it is expensive and if you are willing to spend that amount of money, a 4D ultrasound is illegal in some countries.

But is getting a 4D ultrasound a good idea?

Let us discuss some advantages and disadvantages of 4D ultrasound.

S. No. Advantages of 4-dimensional Ultrasound
1 No- invasive test.
2 Parents can see their baby moving before its birth.
3 You can listen to the heartbeat of the baby.
4 No need to have a full bladder before the ultrasound to get correct results.
5 Sex of the baby can be determined earlier.
6 Congenital defects are easily spotted which usually go unnoticed.
7 Defects detected earlier can be treated inside the womb before birth.

People have too much faith in 4-dimensional ultrasound, and if any defect is not visible in the ultrasound, they stop prenatal care, whereas, specialist’s not true. Subjected to many facts some deformities may not be visible in the ultrasound.

S. No. Disadvantages of Ultrasound
1 It is expensive.
2 It is illegal in some countries.
3 Too much ultrasound is not safe for the baby.
5 Need trained staff.
6 It is not readily available.

 How to perform?

Ultrasound is conducted in the same way as the regular ultrasound having the following steps,

  • The patient is asked to lie down on his/her back on the examination table mainly
  • A gel that aids to carry the sound waves are applied to the tummy of the patient and a device called transducer is moved along your tummy in circular motions.
  • The sound waves travel to the uterus through the abdomen and bounce back off the baby.
  • These sound waves are bounced back in the form of echoes, and they are recorded by the computer and transformed into images. All the actions and movements of the baby are registered in the shape of pictures, and these fast moving images from a video showing the movement of the baby.
  • This completes the 4-dimensional ultrasound which gives comparatively accurate and detailed results.
  • The video of the baby is presented to the parents in the form of, a

When to perform a 4D ultrasound:

4D ultrasound can be carried out between 26 to 32 weeks. However, the doctor is the best person to decide when the test can be done. Though this technology is very exciting and tempting but it should be strictly limited to need based. Only undertaking a 4D ultrasound for the sake of looking at your baby’s face is not a good idea. So, discuss with your doctor and review the pros and cons of a 4D ultrasound before undertaking it.


Plasma Donation Authentic Facts


Plasma Donation

Plasma Donation process from initial study method, Plasma is a clear part of the blood which is left after the blood cells; red, white and platelets are removed from the blood. It forms 55% of the blood containing water, enzymes, salts, antibodies and proteins. Plasma is a vital part of body and has many functions,

  • As it is composed of 90% water, therefore, its primary role is to transport vital substances throughout the body.
  • Plasma aids in clotting of blood.It is useful in diseases like hemophilia.
  • Plasma helps in maintaining blood pressure and controlling the body temperature.
  • The minerals, protein, hormones and salts present in the plasma have a vital role in the human body.

Plasma donation is imperative as it helps in saving the life of many people. It is used in the treatment of bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies, shock, pulmonary disorders, liver cirrhosis, neurological disorders, infections, etc. When plasma is donated to a patient, the blood of the patient achieves the threshold of fluidity due to which the blood can transport vital nutrients to each organ of the body resulting in better functioning of the body.

There are many frequently asked questions related to Plasma donation that we can discuss below,

S.No. FAQ’s Answer
1. How is the Plasma donated? Plasma is donated in the same way blood is given. Venous blood is extracted, and through a process called plasmapheresis, the plasma is separated. It may take an hour for the process to complete and the resulted blood is divided into blood cells and plasma.This is also known as recovered plasma.
2. Who can donate plasma? To donate plasma, the donor should be at least 18 years of age having weight at least 50Kg.

The candidate must remove two medical examinations to qualify for a plasma donor. One is medical history screening, and the other is a test for the presence of transmissible viruses.

It is important to meet the criteria as mentioned earlier’s to become a plasma donor.

3. Is it dangerous to donate plasma? There is a danger of dehydration. Also, it may cause vein damage if a recurring donation is made.This can be prevented by drinking lots of water, juice, and milk a day before and on the day after giving a gift.
4. How long does it take to donate plasma? The first donation can take up to 2 hours. The return visit within the same week will take 90 min.
5. How many times can a plasma be donated? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)of United States allows two donations within seven days having a gap of at least two days in between.
6. How much will I earn through plasma donation? Payment depends on the need of the donor. But on a routine basis, you get $20-$50 per donation. Pay also depends upon the volume of plasma donated.
7. How to speed up the process of plasma donation? You can speed up the plasma donation up to 45-90 min for the whole procedure by drinking lots of water as plasma is made up of 90% water.
8. How much water should be drunk before plasma donation? Drink lots of water, at least 6-8 glasses.Start drinking one day before donation.
9. What to eat before plasma donation? Eat healthy foods before donation. Food rich in iron, protein and complex carbohydrates is good for health.Avoid fried, fatty foods.
10. Is the blood plasma universal? Only the plasma of blood type AB is universal.Univeral means that the plasma of a person having blood group AB can be donated to anyone regardless of their blood group type.
11. After how much time can the blood plasma be replenished? The blood plasma takes 48 hours to recharge.On the other hand, the red blood cells if donated take about 4-8 weeks to replace.
12. Can diabetic patients donate plasma? It is not advised as plasma donation can put pressure on the blood vessels causing them to become numb.Blindness can also result. However, people with controlled diabetes that is not insulin dependent can donate plasma, but it is not preferable.
13. Is all the plasma donated by everyone the same? No, it is not the same.Different plasmas have different number and types of antibodies.
14. Are Plasma donor centers regulated? Yes, they are.They have a license, and they are governed by FDA.After every two years, they are certified after satisfactory inspection.

Plasma donation is a noble cause as it is used in many life-threatening conditions.Receiving blood plasma may be substantial for someone to save his/her life and the best part is that donating plasma is very easy.If doctor’s instructions are followed correctly, a person can donate plasma and re-donate it to save the life of someone.So, it is highly encouraged that we should, if not routinely then at least once in a lifetime, donate plasma.A little effort can save someone’s life. That is why it is also known as “gift of life.”


Blue Waffles Disease Symptoms


Blue Waffles Disease

Like many others, you must not have listened about the blue waffles disease. It is new and weird disease, most of the peoples heard about that they are going through the blue waffle disease. Well, the question arises in almost every mind that what is the story of the blue waffle disease. Where it came from? What is its origin? What are the symptoms of this illness? What are the causes of having this disease in you? What is the cure if you are going through this illness? Who has this disease first? Who cured this first? These are the questions many of you having in your mind right now. It is probably not the most common disease around the world, but it is growing very rapidly among males and as well as in females. This disease is more find in females rather than the males.  It is a bacterial infection caused by the sexual intercourse among male and female. It has far-reaching side effects you may get if you are bearing this disease. The blue waffle infection is a very weird, sickening, and nauseating disease. It is also caused because of the use of the dirty or unclean objects that does not belong to use with the body you use during the sexual practice between two of them.

Origin of blue waffles disease:

The Blue Waffles Disease discovered in 2010 by getting a picture of a girl’s fluid came from the vagina. It is not worthing the truth or any the perfect victim of this disease. Very eventually, a council member named, as Kathy McBride caused sick by this illness and then it is gone authenticated that this condition actually exists. More often many of the medical histories did not give any confirmation either it is real or fake.

Why blue waffle disease affects you:

After doing a survey of many peoples who said that, they have the blue waffle disease. Most of the cases came in front are the UN clean and Unhealthy sexual relation. It is mainly caused due to the wrong and improper way of having intercourse. It is probably found in the prostitutes and prostitution activities among men and women. This is a copulation-transferred infection from men to women. By doing sexual practice with the use of UN hygienic objects and doing sex activities without using any safety or Sex without the condom. Like many other diseases, it is also an infection caused by the intercourse. This disease attacks your body more preferably if you have a bad or weak immune system and you have less strength to fight against the germs. The other reasons are the dirty objects used during the sex that meets with the liquid fluid or sperm released after the ejaculation. When an unclean object or any UN habitation activity happen between two persons, and they did not use any precautions while doing sex the disease and infections of them transfer from one to another.

Blue waffle disease caused in females:

The virus inserts through the vagina more than the males. The bacteria grow faster in the hot warmly, and moist places and the vagina of the females are the warm and the wet place more than the males, so the bacteria attack the more preferably in females than in the males. It is also because of the weak immune system and low potential to fight with the germs grow inside the women, so the attack of the blue waffle is more profoundly in women. Females are also having more interest in the sexual practices, and the use of the foreign objects in them makes the infection more swiftly in the females. This virginal sickness is finding in the women due to the lack of the neatness and the cleanliness of the objects and the body after the intercuspation. Theses all habits make this ill disease grow rapidly in the female members of society. With all the defects, this disease is more dangerous for the woman because of their fertility function. It is to make sure, for the females to do the precautions and to make their habit to use the clean material or stuff and to clean themselves before and after the sexual mating.

Symptoms and diagnose of the blue waffle disease:

Symptoms Diagnose
·         The very first symptom of having this disease is the unbearable pain in the vagina. It is the very starting point of having blue waffle disease ·         The question of the cure of this illness is yes. You can cure the blue waffle disease with the medications prescribed by the doctor.
·         The second symptom is feeling burn effects in the vagina while using the washroom. ·         As you feel the signs of the disease call your doctor as soon as possible and start the treatment correctly
·         The third sign is having the bluish color of the vagina this is the last, and real disasters situation of the vagina infections disease ·         The care after getting the cure is to wash the vagina very carefully and hygienically after doing sex.
·         The last and most annoying sign of the blue waffle disease is having a bad odor of the vagina fluid or even a dry pubic area. The smell is so strong even the others will notice the bad smell and is very shameful if you are in the public area ·         Wash all the stuff before and after using needy stuff during the sexual time with your partner. Also, be careful repeating the used objects and intercourse in very short period.



3D Ultrasound Treatment & Due Date


3D Ultrasound

Today world is so fast, and so the technologies are. The new generation wants everything fast and quick, and they do not want to wait for anything. Therefore, our biologist and scientist invented an unusual technique, equipment with you can see the face of your baby before his /her birth, and it is only possible with the unique invention of the 3D ultrasound. Now the parents can see their child’s face his body physique and its gender more easily. It was not so easy before to see the baby, but the science makes it possible. It is comfortable for the patients who have stones in their gallbladder or kidney or any complication regarding your stomach or digestive system.

What is 3D Ultrasound?

The latest technology of three-dimensional ultrasound is the method of throwing sound waves to the abdomen of the mother, and she can see her. A 3D ultrasound is an extended way to see the baby in the womb. The 3D ultrasound is a technology used to see the complications of the patient more conveniently. It is easier to diagnose the problem. In 3D ultrasound, they thought sound wave except if the radiations that are harmful to the body. They throw waves from different angles to detect the ailment of the patient. First, they apply the cold liquid fluid gel on the affected part than with the help of the probe then the sound waves emitting through the probe send an image on the ultrasound machine and the picture of the part you are analyzing preview on the screen. The 2D ultrasound is used for many years, but now the 3D ultrasound is more advance, it through sound waves with different intersections. 3D ultrasound is more clearly visible and profound as compared to the 2d ultrasound. The 2D can just give the image if the structure and tendons of the baby but the 3D can provide more vibrant clear image of the skin of the baby so you can see the face very apparently. That is why these days’ peoples prefer 3D ultrasound other than the 2D ultrasound.

3D ultrasound harmful to the baby or the mother:

Well! There are proofs of getting any adverse effects of the 3D scan on the patient or even the unborn. The doctor may suggest you have the ultrasound when we need it. It is just an analyzation to see the baby growth. It only works with the probe yet it is harmful if it goes extraordinarily as it emits the sound waves with the probe, it may be dangerous for the baby sometimes if it goes extreme. You may get a proper guideline from your doctor when we need it. It only through waves and makes the baby move so you can see the face of the child and its presence or even its gender whether it is a boy or a girl. The 3D ultrasound is not dangerous or harmful to the baby as well to the mother.

3D breast ultrasound:

3D ultrasound is count best in the sonography and considers as the finest, and the first rating invented equipment in the medical field. It a very useful monitoring invention in the field to examine the breast problems such as breast cancer and other related critical cases. There left some suspicious facts and wounds in some of the 2D ultrasound and is tough to reach the exact situation, but with the help of the 3D ultrasound, it becomes more comfortable and appropriate to diagnose the disease. The patient may get less difficulty to face the actual problem, and it covers a large area either you have heavy or less heavy body physique. It is easy to use and can detect tumor very well. 3D ultrasound becomes more preferably because it can evenly give you the original, accurate condition of the breast cancer. It has a large space to cover more area as compared to the 2D scanning machine. It can analyze the situation more brilliantly, and the images become clearer without any blurry image and the algorithm make it easy to distinguish the disease and give you the smooth margin contour.

What to do before getting a 3D ultrasound for baby:

§  Do not get an ultrasound before the 27 months of your pregnancy
§  Do  not eat anything before going for an ultrasound
§  Drink almost 6-7 glass of water before going for the ultrasound
§  Do not go to washroom after drinking water
§  You must have a full bladder before going to the ultrasound

 Why should you get a 3D ultrasound?

§  The ultrasound has taken to detect the baby and the confirmation of having a pregnancy.
§  The 3d ultrasound is use to getting a bright face of the child.
§  It is taken to know either you are having a baby boy or a baby girl
§  It is also used to check, of you have twins baby or diversified gestation.
§  It is also used to get the knowledge if you have the ungrown or abnormal baby growing in the mother’s womb.



Dental Bridge The Missing Teeth Replacement


Dental Bridge

Every person in this world wants a beautiful and lovely smile, and for getting the most charming smile, you must have a complete set of equally build the sparkling round of teeth in your mouth. Some of the peoples face many problems regarding the facial teeth section. One of the most common complications with the tooth area is the dental bridge. A dental bridge was a problem when a person was having a problem with the discontinuity of the teeth between the crown teeth one or the both sides of the teeth set. The missing tooth of this set known as dentures. The fake or artificial teeth placed in the space area of the mouth with the process referred to as the dental bridge. These placements have been done with many other fake tangibles it may be gold or alloy or might be silver, which placed between the tooth area where you have space and ingrown teeth place.

Reasons of Bridge

The main reason of having a dental bridge is the difficulty you face during chewing and grinding the food you in take. The other reason for making the germs or any the infection erecting in your mouth when the food we intake the germs and cavities found the place to set in when we have the space between our teeth set the bacteria start growing inside our mouth, and holes start germinating. It gives us many and countless bacterial infections and can also damage or destroy the other set of molars and crowns of your teeth. Another reason is directly affected your personality while talking or smiling in front of other. The space or cavity between your teeth precisely influences your appearance. The physical appearances are the most important thing that any person have to show to others if there is any wrong thing in your real image can put a bad or ugly impact on others but there is no use to get worried about anything if there is such problem you face we have the solution for that.

How To Treat The Dental Bridge or Gap?

The first step to getting a bridge treatment is to ensure that you do not have any inflectional or bacterial problem with your mouth. Consult your dentist and tell your doctor about your medical history if you ever had any bacterial problem inside your mouth either they are molar or premolars. Then make sure that the equipment using during the whole process are anti bacterial and without any germs or virus. Before getting the treatment for the dental bridge, the dental will examine you root or missing part of the molar set of the mouth. There are two possibilities and problems peoples face during the dental bridge. The cases are of two types one is the in adult teeth between the crown teeth and the other is the half-damaged teeth inside the mouth. The half-damaged teeth are the cause of the cavities or other infection you may face during your life, and you may get a damaged tooth inside your mouth. It is the most dangerous situation having damage teeth between your mouth the reason is that when you eat or intake any diet or food or drink anything, it stuck to your teeth and can infect the other teeth near the side of that defected teeth. The treatment of the ruined teeth is to cover it with the plastic cap-like cover over the teeth, and it may take some sessions to complete the procedure. Another treatment of the defected teeth and it the filling of the teeth with the material to save the rest of the teeth it is not the effected method that helps you to take as a permanent treatment of the teeth it may get finished if you do not take good care of it. In addition, the other case is the rupture teeth of the mouth. In this case, the dentist suggests you to implant new teeth in the place of that space. For the treatment of the in adult teeth, the dentist places an artificial crown on the site made with the silver or other material, or it may be a gold crown. The dentist fixes that crown singular and sometimes the other cases came into sight are the complete set of the head known as bridges placed inside the mouth. The bridge cemented in the place where the hollow space is.

Precautions Complications
      To prevent damaging of the crown, you must be careful while brushing your teeth.       You may feel stimuli to your bridges.
      Do not eat crunchy food while your crown is well settled.       You may feel pain after and during the process.
      Do not chew bubble gum during the process completed.       You may get swelling or lumps near the bridge placed area around the gum.
      Do not broke or rub any hard thing with the bridged teeth like ice or any other hard material.       You may get the infection if not giving proper attentions to the fake fitted bridge.



Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Precautions, Diet Plan



Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a surgery treatment to lose weight through surgery. It can help you lose weight without any hard diet and exercise. You can lose weight in a very less time and can enhance your personality very well. Gastric sleeve surgery, a weight losing treatment you can lose up to 65 t 75 percent of your original weight in a very short time. You can lose within a year or in some more months. It can help you to look slim and flat without giving you a hard time with the exercise in the gym or a strictly gym plans. It is a surgical process to lose weight with the operation it can hew your stomach’s extra fat up to 15 to 20%. Surgeons cut off the excess weight or part of the stomach for a whole life. Through the gastric sleeve, the stomach reduces 15 percent of its actual size and gives you a smart slim outlook and it is a permanent change in your life that cannot be reverse after a surgery. It is a lifetime surgery and it helps you to eat less and gives you a complete healthy life without many complications. It can harm you in some way but an operation, which is highly rate by the patients these days and is include in a modern way of living style.

Sleeve In The Modern Terms:

The life is going so fast and every person is running to the rush life. Today we have no time to look after of ourselves we are living in an electronic world where the life is in a machinery way. Nobody have a chance to do exercise everybody needs a quick result without any difficulty so peoples are rushing towards the immediate result of a slim and dreamy n incredible physique. The body reflects your personality and every person wants a fantastic physical shape without any hard work out .today the teenagers are more interested in the gastric sleeve treatment and are more likely to it. It is a very common procedure to lose weight in the modern world; every second person is running the process of having a slim tummy. It is much effective as compared to the hard exercise and strict diet yet it has many complications but still ranking highly in the field of the modern weight loosing procedures

 Sleeve Treatment:

It is a surgical procedure to lose weight specifically. The person needs to stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 days and the surgery take almost 2 t 3 hours. The procedure is to select the area of the body needs to loss and then with the help of a tube images should take from the camera. The doctor gats the images on the screen and with the aid of the equipment the surgeon cut off the extra stomach from the body then attach a tube or a sleeve with the stomach. The sleeve is attaching to the small intestine so the process of passing food to the gut works normally without any complications. The surgeon can cut the stomach and make it small as compared to the before size so you get less hunger and eat less and can lose weight quickly and is impossible to get the original size of the stomach back. Gastric sleeve an incredible weight losing treatment is non-reversible procedure that cannot be change.

Complications After The Surgery:

·         The most common complication many of the patients face is the blood clotting in the body after the gastric sleeve.
·         The other problem a patient may face is the vomiting after the treatment that can last for a long time.
·         Another common problem patients may face is the non-well recovered wound.
·         The patients may also suffer the infection in the stitches after the gastric sleeve.
·         The patients complain of having bad pain in the stitches area an can face severe pain in the operation or surgery area of the body.

Diet Plan After The Surgery:

·         Do not drink soda drinks excessively and do not take any liquid before having the lunch or dinner. Do not make juices or any caffeine drinks including coffee and sugary items.
·         Eat the small amount of food in the three-time meal. Eat boiled of well-cooked vegetables.
·         Eat milk shakes. Include almonds and nuts in the diet with milk food items.
·         Eat fresh fruits like apples, bananas, and seasonal fruits.
·         Eat white meat in your diet.
·         Eat in a small quantity of food in a small bowl to eat less.
·         Avoid eating junk food, sugar items, and fats that increase the stomach size.

You can lose your weight by doing proper exercise and adopting a good life style with particular diet plan and workout but here is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight in just some days with the gastric sleeve and make you more lively and young.