How Many Carbs a Boiled Egg has [Perfect Guide]

Pro-Ana Breakfast

Carbs in a Boiled Egg All happiness depends on the start of the day. Almost 70% of all world population start their day with an intake of the egg. To start a morning with egg makes you stand stronger for the whole day. It is scientifically proven, to have an egg a day makes you […]

Homemade Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips [Perfect Guide]

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips

Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips Easy Guide If we take a survey regarding chocolate lovers, more than half of the population on earth will nod in positive. Why there is an obsession with chocolate? The answer is it is fantastic in taste; our body responds positively to chocolates. There are numerous health benefits of chocolates, such as […]

Homemade Sugar-Free Banana Bread [Perfect Guide]

Sugar-Free Banana Bread

Sugar-Free Banana Bread Easy Guide It has been found that bakery bread is rich in fats, calories, and sugar. Many companies and brands are trying to control this by introducing light and healthier food. This nutrition claiming bread can be useful, but we will suggest you make your own because we would be a slice […]

Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding – Healthy or Not

Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding

Jell-O Sugar-Free Pudding We love to have sweet cakes, desserts, and juices all day. But the excess of sugar is not suitable for our body. What is an alternative to this? People, according to their experience, suggest Jell-O sugar-free pudding to fulfill the demands of sweets. These Jell-O sugar-free puddings are different from traditional sweet […]

Sugar-Free Jell-O Low Carb Dessert -[Perfect Guide]

Sugar-Free Jell-O

Sugar-Free Jell-O – Low Carb Dessert – Easy Guide What is Jell-O, is it sugar-free? Yeah, it is sugar-free and fat-free citrus gelatin (lemon-lime). If you are in search of low calories, ready to eat Jell-O (sugar-free gelatin of lemon-lime). Here is an easy guide. One thing which is worth mentioning here is the lack […]

Hip Adductor Machine Benefits & Exercises

Hip Adductor Machine Benefits Exercises

Hip Adductor Benefits & Exercises The isolated adductors depict a healthy body. This can be achieved by using hip adductor machines available in the market. If you want to tighten your inner thigh area, then flattening of hip adductors is necessary. The flattening of hip adductors helps in preventing pain and injuries. This is all […]

Pro Ana Tips and Tricks [Steps to Lose Weight]

pro ana tips

Introduction about Pro Ana and Pro Ana Tips Pro-Anorexia is the real form of pro-Ana. Pro-Ana is a relevant  Anorexia Nervosa which is an eating disorder. It’s a type of obsession to become as thin as possible. To achieve weight loss the anorexic person takes a smaller amount of food and avoids high calories and junk. If […]

Home Made Sugar Free Frosting Recipe – Low Carb Diet

home made frosting

Can a sugar-free frosting help you in following a low carb diet? Yes! Here we are going to share recipes for some home-made sugar-free frosting. There are fewer calories and fats in the Home Made Sugar Free Frosting. Do people ask how they can make icing without powdered sugar? They can do this by creaming […]

Follow 10 Points to Get Rid of Anxiety

get rid of anxiety

Stress at work? Financial burden? The pressure at school? Illicit drugs usage? Serious illness stress? Yeah, all these are the reasons or the factors which lead to anxiety. How to get rid of anxiety? This is the most asked question nowadays. Everybody is a victim of fear. Is there any mechanism to control stress and […]

What is Walking Depression and How to Overcome

Walking depression

Walking depression Today, we are going to talk about a type of depression called walking depression. First, we will discuss what walking depression is its symptoms and what to do for overcoming it. The name ‘Walking Depression’ is not a clinical term but a name given to the experience of those people who are deeply […]