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Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeon counted as one of the best occupation and fast growing field around the globe. No matter from which corner of the world are you from you must require a dentist at any age to mend your teeth and treat your gums. In most countries, dentistry is a four-year degree program excluding the house job/internship (paid or unpaid). The general dentist mainly treats your tooth decay, stains and cavity and also gum diseases. Like medical education Dentistry also has many different fields of specialization in which mainly are:

  1. Endodontics

Dentists who treat the issues of dental pulp usually by root canal

  1. Prosthodontics

A dental specialist who deals with the missing teeth by replacing the gap with artificial ones

  1. Paedodontics

Dental Specialist who deal with the children teeth

  1. Periodontics

A dental specialization dealing with the gum diseases and other tissues surrounding teeth

  1. Oral Surgery

Specialist dealing with the surgical treatment of teeth and tissues surrounding them

  1. Dental Public Health

A specialty of dealing with the oral health of whole community instead of individuals, it is also called community dentistry

  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

A doctor dealing with abnormalities and fractures related to teeth, jaws, head and neck


After graduating in dentistry, oral surgery is a further four years of residency training program that enables the dentist to perform various operations.

There are different types of Oral Surgeries being done by the Oral Surgeon, mainly are enlisted below:



Types of Surgery Description
1 Impacted Teeth A tooth is said to be impacted if it fails to erupt properly and trap inside the bone and tissues. Such tooth or teeth are then removed or extracted surgically by the surgeon. Commonly impaction is seen to occur in “wisdom” tooth or third molars.
2 Dental Implants Treatment of a missing tooth or teeth by embedding a metal post inside the jaw bone through surgery and placing an artificial crown over it
3 Alveoloplasty Surgically reshaping the toothless arch of patient for easy accessibility of false teeth is alveoloplasty
4 Biopsy Small abnormal growth inside the mouth is called lesion. If such lesion is formed, some part of it is removed surgically and send to laboratory for the diagnosis of cancer
5 Apisectomy A surgical procedure for removal of cyst from the root of a tooth
6 TMJ disorder Temporal-mandibular joint is a joint present just below the earlobe. It helps in jaw movements. TMJ disorder being treated by  surgeon involves dislocation of joint, movement restrictions and pain

People often confuse surgeon with OMFS /OMS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon), but there is a quiet difference between these two, such as:

1  Surgeon perform surgeries related to tooth and surrounding tissues OMFS can perform operations of whole head and neck area
2  doctor deals with mostly minnow surgeries that can be conducted under local anesthesia OMS perform most of the surgeries under general anesthesia such as jaw fractures, cleft lip, and palate, etc.
3 Most of the surgeries done by surgeon can be easily performed by general dentist The operations carried out by OMFS required a full hands on training and course guidelines
4 surgeon can perform their surgeries at dental chair As most of the surgeries are major that’s why they are always conducted in OT (Operation Theatre)




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