Online Pregnancy Test (Are You Pregnant)

Online Pregnancy Test

Easy Online Test Instructions are designed for accurate reading and easy test understanding – with huge pictures to assist in evaluating results. Online Pregnancy Test notices the existence of the hCG hormone in a female’s urine. These online pregnancy tests are sensitive to 20 mIU/mL hCG and are efficient enough to detect pregnancy. This test since hCG in urine for the early discovery of gestation. Higher levels of hCG as little as 20 mIU/ml can be observed in 3 or 5 minutes. Probably Normal standards of Urine hCG levels are assessed to be 10-30 mIU/ml hCG at 7 or 10 days after ovulation

Online Pregnancy Test Details

  1. Open the pouch by ripping along the neck. Remove the kit from the bag.
  2. Hold the strip in vertical position, dip into the sample. Dip the strip into the sample in a way that the arrow endpoints to the example. Take this piece outside after around 10 seconds.
  3. Now Wait for tinted bands.

LH Ovulation Tests
This online pregnancy test, i.e., Ovulation Tests will help to estimate the time when you can get pregnant. Luteinizing hormone (LH) in increased quantities leads to ovulation. During the cycle only a minute amount of LH is released; but in the mid of this period, the occurrence LH rise.

STEP 1: denote the time of your menstrual cycle. The period of your menstrual cycle is the days from the very first day of bleeding to the day just before bleeding initiates on the next menstruation.


  1. To initiate testing, open the closed pocket by ripping along the mark. Remove the test from the pocket.
  2. Cautiously place the LH test in the vertical position into the sample for 10 seconds and put the strip on a clean, non-absorbent and dry place.
  3. Wait for colored images to show.

FSH Infertility Tests
During the follicular phase of a female’s cycle, stimulating follicle hormone or “FSH” – causes the maturation of a woman’s eggs (or ova). If a female has symptoms of infertility or reaches menopause, it may show a decrease in “ovarian reserve” which is egg supply. Low ovarian reserve is denoted by more-than-normal levels of the FSH hormone during the initial days of the female cycle.

Online Pregnancy Test Procedure open

1.the closed bag by ripping along the mark. Take out test kit from the bag.
2. grip the handle (curved end) and use the left hand to replace the cap and uncover the tip of the absorbent.
3. Point this soft tip in downward position and place this soft tip in sample stream for about 10 seconds to get totally wet. Or, you can also collect your sample into a little utensil and insert half of this absorbent pad into the sample for around 10 seconds.
4. close the device and now wait for color images to show. Depends on the levels of FSH, positive result may be noticed in as small time as 40 seconds. Although to confirm the negative results, the overall reaction time (which is10 minutes) is needed. Do not see images after 30 minutes.



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