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Myofascial release

Myofascial release

Myofascial release (MR) is a therapy that treats pain and stiffness in the fascia surrounding the muscles. It works by improving the circulation of blood and lymphatic system of the body and stimulating the myotatic reflex of the muscles. Myofascial release therapy is not a medical treatment in-fact it is a part of alternative/pseudo-medicine. Myofascial is a manual therapy that releases stress from the because of trauma, posture, or inflammation. Connective tissues called fascia surround the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs of the body. Often myofascial release is confused with massage therapy and for their treatment patient often visits a quake instead of a certified myofascial therapist. There are various differences between such therapist and a simple massage worker working in a salon:

S. No. Myofascial Release Therapy Massage Therapy
1 Applied in condition for muscle spasm and chronic pain relief For relaxation and relieving stress in the muscles
2 One having a post graduate diploma or certified training can do such practice Any person can carry out this work easily without having knowledge about human body
3 Treatment is related to muscular fibers for which hand on diagnosis is  necessary No requirement of diagnosis, anyone can do this therapy at any time without any restriction
4 No gel, oil or any other lubricating material is applied during the therapy Various types of gels, oils, lotions are used to avoid friction
5 Treatment of various types of traumas, chronic pains and even some types of cancers are in the list of this therapy Massage is prohibited in most of the mentioned cases to avoid further loss
6 By applying a certain pressure at certain point on the body is specific part of the treatment Massage therapy contains partial or full body rubbing or kneading instead of focusing on any specific points or specific pressure

Like massage therapy, there are several other occupations similar to this one, of those the second closed one to this is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a diploma course which enables a person to learn mainly about general physical fitness and one can further specialize in terms of training to obtain certification on myofascial release. Not everyone having acute or chronic pains or muscular spasm or trauma needs this treatment, there are various risk factors and conditions by which applying this therapy result in severe complications some are enlisted as follows:

  • Burn patients may need another type of treatment due to their highly sensitive wounds
  • Patients having fracture or crack bones will feel very much uncomfortable by undergoing this treatment therapy
  • Such treatment is contraindicated in patients having DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis)
  • Patients having low platelets count (Platelets cells in blood create blood clot during injury or trauma, low count of platelets may cause internal or external bleeding or injury )
  • Patient suffering from osteoporosis (A condition in which bones become weak and fragile)
  • Patients on medication which affects blood viscosity resulting in trauma and bleeding
  • Such therapy may cause temporary immobility of muscles also known as limited time paralysis
  • Unprofessional treatment also affects or damages the nerve supply in the body

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