Mole Removal (Remedies & Treatments)

Mole Removal

Mole Removal, believing in superstitions remains common in every era of humanity such as a black cat cross your path will bring you bad luck or mole is consider as a symbol of luck mostly at the Eastern part of the globe. In early ages there were many myths and practices about skin mole for example in ancient Chinese face reading mole is related to a particular incident depending on its position, color and size and in most of the European countries it is taken as a bad luck or evil attack on the body but nowadays mole on face and shoulders is becoming beauty mark, and artificial mole is now a part of cosmetics and makeup. The skin mole has many other names used for different regions commonly are the birthmark, beauty marks, freckle. Originally there is an accurate term in medical sciences called “Nevus” in which mole is its one form; it is a Latin word the meaning of which is a birthmark. Such defect is treated by skin doctor or also known as skin specialist or dermatologist, which is a postgraduate medical course. The Nevus at any part of the body is present at birth or appears later. There are various conditions which result in the formation of nevi (plural of Nevus) such as:

S. No. Conditions Description
1 Melanocytes It is a skin lesion due to high pigmentation which darkens the color of skin at one or more than one area. The word is derived from Melanin which is a pigment that gives color to your skin.
2 Neoplasia The term is used for abnormal growth of tissue. There are various types of neoplasia in which malignant neoplasm is referred as cancer. The formation of mass with such abnormal tissue growth has the common term used i.e. “tumor.”
3 Hyperplasia Increase in the number of cells than its normal amount in the body is Hyperplasia. It mainly occurs due to some damage or hormonal dysfunction

After diagnosing the type of mole, there are various techniques and treatments for mole removal such as:

S. No. Kind of treatment Description
1 Surgical Removal Surgical excision of small moles that are not dark with the help of local anesthetics
2 Laser Removal The skin doctor can also remove shallow moves through laser technique but is not recommended as the first line of treatment due to reoccurrence
3 Cryotherapy Removing the nevus by applying nitrogen swab which will freeze them instantly
4 Biopsy and Micrographic Surgery Excision of deep moles or nevi and send them to the lab for diagnosis of cancerous cells is biopsy after which surgeon removes the whole destructive part.
5 Chemotherapy / Radiation Other than micrographic surgery if the cancerous cells also spreads away from mole are then chemotherapy and radiation is treatment of choice
6 Home Remedies Depending on the type of mole for small and shallow moves you can use various home remedies such as:

·         Lemon Juice as it work as an oxidant

·         Using pineapple and honey  for 15-20 minutes help to disappear moles

·         Grapefruit seed extract or gooseberry oil with honey will also help as it contains tyrosinase inhibitors

·         Applying garlic slice can contribute to overcoming the moles as it contains sulfur

·         Use apple vinegar with a cotton bud on the affected area but not more than 20 minutes as it will also cause irritation.



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