Is Depression a Disease? [Are you feeling depressed?]

Is Depression a Disease

Is Depression a Disease?

So, today we will talk about depression. Is depression a disease? What do you think?

Well, let me help you seek the answer to this very question.

Today’s Medical Science has categorized depression as a psychological disorder hence calling it a disease.

What is Depression?

Depression is chronic and long-lasting. Even if it is diagnosed in its early stages and well treated timely, still it can come back at any point of one’s life.

Depression Symptoms

Depression leads to various other disorders like fatigue, body pain, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, etc. The worst symptom of depression is that it makes you an introvert.

It takes away all your positive energy and leaves you with low confidence and morale. In short, depression is a real illness.  Depression can be treated for the short-term, but it cannot be cured.

The addressable thing here is that even teenage guys are becoming patients of depression. As above I have described what depression is and how it comes, we can say that it is a disorder and should get treated.

Depression Recovery

According to research, it has been found that depression is treated for two years continuously there is a possibility that its problems lessen up. One research claims that after one and a half or two-year continuous treatment of depression, your depression signs disappear. Then it is possible that in your next life you are not going to face that darkness or fear again.

Depression is that kind of disorder in which there is no parameter to judge whether it would come after proper treatment or not as we all know that depression is linked with emotional and physical problems of our body. So, to treat this disease, we should work for the betterment of our environment. In depression mode a personal experience that there is no worth of his/her life. He goes for negativity and even suicidal thoughts. There is a need to change the environment if you want to get rid of depression. Normal or routine life can only promise you to get rid of depression.

Is Depression Real?

Depression differs in different situations. Sometimes people experience that mode of depression that, environment and surroundings cannot help them out. The only way to treat them is through medicines and psychotherapy. In starting to treat depression seems like nothing can change the situation but with continuous effort, good or even positive results can be seen.

This discussion is referring to the question which we addressed in a start that is depression a disease? The answer to this very question is Yes! One should seek treatments and psychotherapy procedures to deal with this disease.

Final Verdict About Depression:

The above discussion points towards the reality that depression is not a thing which you should take lightly. It is a disorder which can be treated but has no cure. So, treat it in the early stages; otherwise, you are going to harm yourself. This is the worst case of depression. But yes, it is true many years of living in depression can make you attempt suicide. Seek treatments, stay happy and with your loved ones. This is the only way to cure depression.

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