Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Precautions, Diet Plan

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a surgery treatment to lose weight through surgery. It can help you lose weight without any hard diet and exercise. You can lose weight in a very less time and can enhance your personality very well. Gastric sleeve surgery, a weight losing treatment you can lose up to 65 t 75 percent of your original weight in a very short time. You can lose within a year or in some more months. It can help you to look slim and flat without giving you a hard time with the exercise in the gym or a strictly gym plans. It is a surgical process to lose weight with the operation it can hew your stomach’s extra fat up to 15 to 20%. Surgeons cut off the excess weight or part of the stomach for a whole life. Through the gastric sleeve, the stomach reduces 15 percent of its actual size and gives you a smart slim outlook and it is a permanent change in your life that cannot be reverse after a surgery. It is a lifetime surgery and it helps you to eat less and gives you a complete healthy life without many complications. It can harm you in some way but an operation, which is highly rate by the patients these days and is include in a modern way of living style.

Sleeve In The Modern Terms:

The life is going so fast and every person is running to the rush life. Today we have no time to look after of ourselves we are living in an electronic world where the life is in a machinery way. Nobody have a chance to do exercise everybody needs a quick result without any difficulty so peoples are rushing towards the immediate result of a slim and dreamy n incredible physique. The body reflects your personality and every person wants a fantastic physical shape without any hard work out .today the teenagers are more interested in the gastric sleeve treatment and are more likely to it. It is a very common procedure to lose weight in the modern world; every second person is running the process of having a slim tummy. It is much effective as compared to the hard exercise and strict diet yet it has many complications but still ranking highly in the field of the modern weight loosing procedures

 Sleeve Treatment:

It is a surgical procedure to lose weight specifically. The person needs to stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 days and the surgery take almost 2 t 3 hours. The procedure is to select the area of the body needs to loss and then with the help of a tube images should take from the camera. The doctor gats the images on the screen and with the aid of the equipment the surgeon cut off the extra stomach from the body then attach a tube or a sleeve with the stomach. The sleeve is attaching to the small intestine so the process of passing food to the gut works normally without any complications. The surgeon can cut the stomach and make it small as compared to the before size so you get less hunger and eat less and can lose weight quickly and is impossible to get the original size of the stomach back. Gastric sleeve an incredible weight losing treatment is non-reversible procedure that cannot be change.

Complications After The Surgery:

·         The most common complication many of the patients face is the blood clotting in the body after the gastric sleeve.
·         The other problem a patient may face is the vomiting after the treatment that can last for a long time.
·         Another common problem patients may face is the non-well recovered wound.
·         The patients may also suffer the infection in the stitches after the gastric sleeve.
·         The patients complain of having bad pain in the stitches area an can face severe pain in the operation or surgery area of the body.

Diet Plan After The Surgery:

·         Do not drink soda drinks excessively and do not take any liquid before having the lunch or dinner. Do not make juices or any caffeine drinks including coffee and sugary items.
·         Eat the small amount of food in the three-time meal. Eat boiled of well-cooked vegetables.
·         Eat milk shakes. Include almonds and nuts in the diet with milk food items.
·         Eat fresh fruits like apples, bananas, and seasonal fruits.
·         Eat white meat in your diet.
·         Eat in a small quantity of food in a small bowl to eat less.
·         Avoid eating junk food, sugar items, and fats that increase the stomach size.

You can lose your weight by doing proper exercise and adopting a good life style with particular diet plan and workout but here is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight in just some days with the gastric sleeve and make you more lively and young.

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