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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

The human body is creating by thousands of things cells; tissues all have their specific functions, and all have a purpose. The human body itself is a very charming thing, and the beautiful blessing in the body enhances the beauty of the body. Our eyes are the most precious and attractive gift in any person’s body. This is a human physic that to look more beautiful and more glamorous among others. For this sake, science has created many products and treatments to recreate the human body and to get indulge with the beauty commodity to give a natural amusement. Scientist and beauticians have created numerous products, and one of these are the eyelash extensions. The human eye is cover with a very special protective layer, which helps then to protect the eyes from dust, or any other particles present in the atmosphere and these are also a symbol of beauty. Long eyelashes are the symbol of beauty and enhancement to the eyes and give a very pleasant and charming effect on the personality. Our modern world is running towards the scientific methods to look beautiful and to get the notice in a gathering among other. So here are the new scientifically product near us are the eylashes. I know you have many questions running in your mind that what are the extensions. Are they harming the eyes? What is the process of the eyelashes ? How much is cost? How long did it take to set? Where did you get the extensions treatment? How did they make the eyelash extension? Who created it first? There are many more questions arises in your mind about this treatment, and here we have the answers to all your queries.

  • What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extension is a treatment to gives extra length and thick eyelashes artificially with a complete procedure. The eyelashes an extension gives your eye a fuller effect and makes you eyes more appeared and dazzling. Is a system to fix some silk or human hair or fake, synthetic hairs form by some beauticians? The fake hair then sets with the real lashes with some fixing glue. These eyelashes are not permanent they are done with the long term fixing adhesive which is not permanent. The extensions are not a painful procedure it is a beauty treatment using all over the world and growing rapidly around the world. Eyelash extension gives your eyes a brighter and fuller look, and so it enhances the beauty of your personality to appeal everybody to you. It is same as your natural eyelashes and is stick to the lash line very neatly. It just gives your lashes a whole magical effect with the long shiny fuller eyelashes.

  • How did the eyelash extension fix in your eyelash?

The procedure to repair the eyelash extension is not a dangerous or harmful procedure. They place artificial lash hair just with your real lashes and fix them with the glue. Place your fake eyelash just near your original one and is the place with the first lash. The professionals do not put the lash hair on the skin or the glue on the surface directly they apply it on the lash and then fix the artificial one with the real lash hairs. It is a no pain method to give you beautiful eyes. The fake eyelashes are in the small portion packing and are applied one after one to the eyelash. The artificial eyelash temporary lash which stays for about two months with the real lashes and after that it start falling one after one like the real eyelashes fall.

Make sure before getting eyelash:

 Very first, you have to make sure that if you are wearing semi-permanent extensions, you must have to consult your beautician.

 You have to ensure that the eyelash will not harm your skin or your eyes.

 The disadvantage of going to an inexperienced person may damage your natural eyelash and may become the cause of the natural eyelash fall.

 Get a pre-test of using the adhesive glue before applying it on your eyelash.

 If you feel any irritation after getting the lash extension, tell you are professional as soon as possible.

 One more thing you can expect from the lash extension is the fall of your natural lashes with the fake one it is because of any sensitiveness you have with your eyes.

  • Types of Eyelash extensions:
  • Artificial eyelashes: Semi
  • False eyelashes came with the complete set of lashes, and it only stays for two to three days. It falls by itself completely.
  • Permanent eyelashes:
  • Semi-permanent eyelashes shipped with the single small bundle of lashes and stay over the eyes for few months. They fall like the natural lashes fall hair by hair.



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