Eye Doctor latest Information

Eye Doctor latest Information

Eye Doctor

Eyes are counted as the most important and complex organ of the body which enables us the power of vision. The primary function of any eye is to detect whether the surrounding is in light or dark. However, human eye contains many features providing view and focusing on the major one. With such sensitivity and complexity in a human eye, comes diseases and problems which are then treated by the eye doctor.

Whenever we heard about an eye doctor various professional terms came in our mind such as:




Eye etc. generally …..

Well talking to the eye doctor or ECP (Eye Care Profe refer to many kinds of professionals treating your various eye problems, from vocational training to post specialization after their medical degree.

S.No. Types of Eye Doctor Description
1 Ophthalmologist


A medical doctor who further specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of eye problems is known to be the ophthalmologist or also called eye surgeon. The doctor is more likely to be called surgeon instead of physicians, that’s why most of these professionals are known to be good doctors than doctors.
2 Othoptist A trained professional who deals with the alignment, condition, and coordination of the eyes is an orthoptist. In most of the surgical cases being performed by the ophthalmologist, the orthoptist act as an assistant for the treatment.
3 Ocularist Ever heard of a person who has the artificial or fabricated eye, such process is done and manages by an ocularist who perform the prosthesis of that person who lost their real eye and uses plastic for aesthetic purpose.
4 Optometrist Optometry is a medical specialty which involves diagnosis and examination of impaired vision due to various abnormalities and diseases. The word optometrist came from an instrument known as “optometer” which was used to assess visual defects.
5 Optician A professionally trained person who on the prescription of an optometrist and ophthalmologist make spectacles and contact lenses is called optician.
6 Oculist This an old term used for the eye professionals or eye doctors which are now categorized into an ophthalmologist and an optometrist
7 Vision Therapist Likewise other therapists, vision therapists treats or develops correct visual abilities in patients who are diagnosed with such issues or had repeated eye surgeries. Most likely orthoptist or optometrist are referred to the vision therapist.


There are many terms used for the eye and eye diseases in medical sciences the meaning of which vary from one another, some words with meaning are given below:

S. No. Parts Meaning/Description
1 Cornea Clear Layer of your Eye
2 Dilated The enlargement of Pupils
3 Pupils Round dark center of the iris of eye
4 Iris Colored Ball surrounding pupil
5 Ocular Related to your eye
6 Retina The layer that lines back of your eye
7 Sclera The outer coat of your eyeball
8 Cataract Lens membrane in the eyeball
9 Glaucoma An eye disease causing abnormal increase flow of eye fluid
10 Myopia Nearsightedness or patient cannot see or focus far placed objects





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