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Doctors Express

Doctors Express What would be the first thought in any one’s mind when he/she get sick or have any slight illness?

It would be like:

  • There should be a health care facility nearby me or my house
  • I should be getting medical attention on prior basis
  • There should be no appointments
  • I don’t have to wait for my turn or most likely treated as an emergency patient
  • The fee and medications should not cost much
  • Seems a fantasy or dream, right!

But in 1970 United States had established a first urgent medical care facility or doctors express which dealt walk-in patients who require care but were not in serious or life-threatening condition. Later on, for Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) and the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM) established criteria for urgent care service (UCS) provides physicians. The criteria for facility and doctors were very simple such as:

  • Must accept every walk-in patient
  • Treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries
  • Perform minor medical procedures
  • Should be a licensed physician
  • Remain open for whole week
  • Have diagnostic equipment such as X-Ray, USG etc.
  • Facility should have various examination rooms

Further, in 2006, the mentioned association started one-yearfellowship or postdoctoral training program on urgent care services which further boost up the activity of provision of urgent care services to every walk-in patients even having no life threatening issue. The urgent care services were made physically successful when an American based medical institutionAmerican Family Care started their urgent care services 30 years ago with the name Urgent Care. Their mission isproviding non-emergency services to all walk-in patients at a very low cost through expert physicians in 7 days a week without any appointments, which qualify them on the UCAOA criteria. At present AFC is running about 150 urgent care centers in the United States. With all these positive properties of urgent care services or doctors express there are slight disadvantages, which are enlisted in the table below

S. No. Advantages Disadvantages
1 Patient is attended without an appointment i.e. on walk-in basis UCS does not provide any lifesaving care or emergency life-saving treatment
2 Easily accessible and can be visited on weekends It is impossible to visit the same physician every time at USC
3 Patients have to give less time on waiting and more time on medical care by the service provider Patients previous records would be an issue while visiting urgent care service resulting in limitations to one’s medical care
4 Many UCS have diagnostic equipment’s available such as lab tests, x-rays etc. During care being provided at UCS if one’s situation got worse, there are no emergency services
5 The UCS are very low cost for any treatments and as compare to the emergency services The UCS are not opened for 24 hours a day

Despite some disadvantages, doctors  had gained popularity among communities in most countries of Europe and especially in the US in a result of which it is trending everywhere nowadays.