Colored Contacts Healthy Usage

Colored Contacts

Aesthetics is nowadays the primary concern for any individual in the society, for which they adopt different measures including the makeover, cosmetics, treatments and even surgeries so that they eliminate any discrepancy in their looks. With such interest and concern, science is also working on the large scale to innovate various tools and treatments to meet the desirable need. Along with all such innovations, the contact lens is one of the major inventions which along with the style and aesthetics gives you better vision instead of wearing eye sight glasses. Colored Contact lenses or colored contacts are however different from mere eyesight lenses. They not only make your eye-sight better but gives your eyes various colors of your desire. Now one question which came to our mind is; what is a relation of a corrective lens with medical sciences or with the doctor? Well one thing which we have to keep in our mind is that these lenses should only be tried by the prescription of an eye doctor or also known to be ophthalmologist due to various reasons:

  • Size of your eye may vary from the lens which may cause severe damage
  • Improper use may cause infection in the eye
  • Un-prescribed lens may have poor quality causing ulceration of cornea
  • As eye is the most sensitive organ without taking advice from doctor may cause decrease of eyesight
  • Without knowing precautions may result in blindness by wearing lenses

The water provides oxygen to the eyes. There is another type which is called RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) contact lenses and are known to be better than the first category. Above all there are various medical conditions for which doctor prescribes color contact lenses, some of them along with its description is listed as follows:

S. No. Medical Condition Description
1 Iris Coloboma A congenital disorder in which the structure of pupil is abnormal in shape and incomplete iris closure causing sensitivity to light. The colored contacts help them to overcome this defect.
2 Essential Iris Atrophy A disorder which is usually unilateral and causes small holes in the iris resulting in sensitivity to light which can be covered by using these color contact lenses
3 Photophobia Condition in which patient experience severe pain in eyes and cannot bear light in the eyes
4 Migraines is a term used for specific headache usually at one side of the head. There are various types of migraines in which one is light induced migraine which triggers by seeing fluorescent light.
5 Retinal Dystrophies Retina is the light sensitive part of the eye made up of many photoreceptor cells. Retinal dystrophy is a congenital disorder. There are various types of dystrophies and most of them requires cosmetic contacts for treatment.
6 Oscillopsia A neurological disorder which causes visual defects and instability in vision.

Colored Contacts Healthy Usage

Also, there is another main reason to visit your eye doctor before applying contact lenses is that some people have an allergy to use them which can cause irritation and burning of eyes. The contact lens is made up of a particular polymer material called hydrogel which absorbs water.


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