Colonoscopy Prep Tips and Methods

Colonoscopy Prep

Colonoscopy Prep

Our body has a sizeable coiled tube called the large intestine or rectum where the solid food of our body stores and become faces. The cancers, ulcer or bleeding caused by the food or body disturbances and can get treatment of colonoscopy to examine the problem. Colonoscopy prep is a test to get the indication of having cancer in the rectum. The doctor will use a rubber made the narrow, flimsy opening into the rectum to examine the condition of the infection of the patient. It is a test to see the premature cancer germs in the large intestine and can do some medication for the disease to treat the patient to get further complications. Some peoples suffer from the ulcer and bleeding in the large intestine, and it can be hazardous for anybody it goes extreme it can take the patient at a very last stage of the sickness. You can also get the specimen of the tendons of the ingrown cancer diseases, and even the well grows bacteria. With the help of colonoscopy, we can also detect the growth of the sea anemones in the rectum.

What equipment is used in the colonoscopy prep?

To examine the large intestine problem with the colonoscopy procedure, an endoscope is used to detect the illness and infection of the intestine. The endoscope is a ductile tube that is almost 47 to 73 inches long. There is a small camera fitted inside it so can the doctor easily get the pictures of the large intestine. With this equipment, you can see a complete video to get through the problem.  The full tube can go through the end of the lower small intestine and can give the images of the polyps present inside the ovary or in the small intestine.

What preparations should take before the colonoscopy?

Before getting a colonoscopy test, you should prepare yourself. It is a painful treatment, and some peoples are afraid of going through this procedure, they do not know about the preparations before going to the doctor to get the test for the colon. Your examiner may tell you about the precautions you should do before the colonoscopy test. The colonoscopy test may take in the clinic of the doctor or any hospital. Here are the complete preparation terms you should follow before going to the colonoscopy test.

Get some items before the colonoscopy:

Ø  Clean wet wipes or tissues.

Ø  Get some energy drinks and juices.

Ø  Get some clothing ointment?

Ø  Eat less bulk nourishments before you go for the colonoscopy.

Eatables you should recommend some days before going for the colonoscopy:

Ø  Prefer eats fleshy fruits neatly cleaned.

Ø  Eat white wheat or bread or eat rice.

Ø  Eat plants seafood like fish or meat or chicken.

Ø  Before going for the test of colonoscopy, you should be filling up your stomach with the light food that can be full of liquid and soft food that can easily be digesting. Also, drink more water and energy drinks juices without pulp and liquids preferably.
Food that does not eat before the colonoscopy:

Ø  Do not eat solid food or any food that include any hard eatable.

Ø  Avoid eating nuts beans and uncooked vegetables.

Ø  Do not eat corn or popcorns.

Ø  Do not eat fats like any spicy or oily food.

Ø  Do not drink soda drinks.

Ø  Do not drink tea or coffee.

Ø  Do not drink milk.

Ø  Do not drink pulpy juices.

Ø  Do not take any vitamins or any boosting liquids or powder.

Possible signs after the colonoscopy prep:

Ø  After getting the test to drink some water and get some bed rest for two to three days after the treatment.
Ø  Stay at the hospital for one or two days after the treatment of colon.
Ø  You may feel pain and cramping in the abdomen due to the tube inserted in the large intestine.
Ø  You may get bleeding from the rectum after the day of colonoscopy.
Ø  You may get bloating or irritation in the large intestine.
Ø  You may get pyrexia after the colonoscopy or may feel pain in the body.
Ø  You may feel dizziness just before the colonoscopy because of the injection is given by the doctor.
Ø  Get some painkillers to reduce the pain and if the pain continues to consult your doctor

Indications you may have colon infection

Here are some signs that you might suffer from the colon infection or colon cancer
Ø  The first sign is the abdominal pain and cramping in the abdomen
Ø  You may survive with runny diarrhea in 5-6 times a day
Ø  You may get a fever during the infection
Ø  you will feel weakness and low blood pressure of the body
Ø  you will not be able to get a proper diet
Ø  you may get blood and severe pain in the rectum
Ø  you may feel from your regular weight
Ø  you might get swelling in the intestine and abdomen


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