Abortion Clinics (All Facts & Information)

Abortion Clinics (All Facts & Information)

Abortion Clinics

There are many angry words or terms, the use of which always make a negative impression on others.  Most of them have awful meanings, but some have a bad impression, originally they are neutral in nature, the term Abortion is one of them. The name came from the word “Abort” which means to discontinue, abortion means termination of growing fetus or discontinuation in pregnancy before the end of 28 weeks. Earlier abortion was counted as an act of crime in most countries, but later on, due to various reasons, it became part of medical treatment. With new law for legal permission of abortion and to avoid health hazards, abortion clinics were formed which is nowadays helping a lot of women to prevent any post-abortion complications.          There are mainly two types

  1. Induced Abortion
  2. Spontaneous Abortion

Induced abortion means to terminate pregnancy intentionally due to many reasons behind however spontaneous abortion means failure to continue planned pregnancy due to reasons like:

S. NO. Induced abortion Spontaneous abortion
1 Not ready to become mother (Maximum abortion cases are due to this reason)


Some medical conditions such as diabetes, cyst or tumors, etc.


2 Genetic abnormalities in the fetus


Accidents which causes a direct effect in uterus area such as RTA (Road Traffic Accident), fall, etc.


3 Health issue which has high impacts on fetus Stress or anxiety


4 Forced pregnancy such as rape victims who are nor physical nor mentally stable to accept such result




5 If the patient herself is at risk due to some medical conditions and her health cannot afford the pregnancy


6 Failure of any temporary contraceptive techniques and the couple is unable to provide such pregnancy


7 Family planning

The most familiar term for spontaneous trauma is a miscarriage. In abortion clinics the treatment is done by a gynecologist, they are the specialist who deals with the women reproductive system. It is a specialization course of three years done after getting a medical degree. With such professionals in these clinics, the hazards and complications will be minimal. The major advantages of selecting abortion clinics are:

  • A specialist having knowledge of female reproductive system can do abortion more effectively than others in a clinic
  • No disturbance in the privacy of patients
  • There are two types of abortion one is medical abortion in which doctor provides medicine to the patient and the second one is surgical abortion in which as the name indicates surgeon removes fetus surgically
  • There are various conditions in which abortion is contraindicated, but only such facilities or specialists can identify these conditions to avoid major complications
  • Like any other medical specialty center, these centers gives proper time to patient and understand their status for such decisions
  • Such facilities provide a stress-free atmosphere and mental satisfaction which an untrained attendant will never give.

For better understanding following are some related terminologies

S. No. Terminology Meaning/Description
1 Gynecology Study of woman reproductive system
2 Obstetric Study on pregnancy and childbirth
3 Midwife Birth attendant having knowledge of gestation and childbirth
4 DNC or D&C Dilation and Curettage of uterus lining for cleaning purpose after abortion
5 Uterus Womb or sac-like organ in female reproductive system where developing of fetus take place



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